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Frequently Asked Questions

Why purchase a scale from Turner Scale, Inc?

Because Turner Scale, Inc. is a full service scale company. We are not just a "drop-shipper"- we are first and foremost a scale service company. Our master technicians have over 25 years experience each. Many companies that sell online offer very low prices. But they do not have service technicians, and therefore are unable to assist you if you have a question or concern. We stand behind everything that we sell.

Do you have scales in stock?

We keep a selection of our most popular bench scales, retail scales, and counting scales in stock. All other scales can be ordered and drop-shipped directly to you, or you pickup at our office. Delivery is 4-6 days via UPS Ground. Overnight shipping may be available for an additional cost.

Can I place my order over the phone?

We can accept orders by phone or fax. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Do you offer payment arrangements?

Payment arrangements are only available for heavy capacity scale purchases, with approved credit. On all other purchases, if you do not have an account with us, you may pay with a company check, cashier's check, or credit card when placing the order. Our payment terms are Net 10 Days. After 30 days, a late payment fee and interest will be applied. Accounts not paid in 30 days will be referred to our attorney for collection.

Can I take a scale to evaluate before making a purchase decision?

We would be glad to give you a demonstration of the scale at our office. We do not provide evaluation or loaner scales. This is due to unethical business practices that we have experienced in the past. We have had several customers who needed a scale for a short period of time, such as inventory. They told us they needed to evaluate the scale, when in fact they had no intentions of purchasing it.

What is your return policy?

If the wrong equipment was ordered by the customer, it must be returned to our office within 1 week of original delivery date. A 15% restocking fee plus shipping will apply. The equipment must be unused, in new condition, and in its original packaging. You must contact our office before returning any equipment.

What is your warranty policy?

We offer manufacturer's warranty to the original purchaser. The equipment must be sent back to the manufacturer for evaluation. The manufacturer will repair or replace at their discretion. Warranty is only for item defects. Damage caused by dropping the scale, spilling liquid on the scale, electrical shock, normal wear and tear, etc is not covered under warranty.

What industries do you service>

We service all industries: agriculture, commercial, industrial, concrete, asphalt, retail, medical, etc.

My scale is not weighing correctly. Can you tell me what is wrong and give me a repair cost over the phone?

It is difficult to diagnose a problem over the phone. Many scales will give an error code, which indicates the possible problem, such as a faulty load cell. However, there are times when the problem is compound- such as more than one bad load cell, or a bad load cell and a bad PCB. Just like car mechanics, we can not give repair estimates over the phone. We would be glad to take a look at your scale in our repair shop, or come to your site for evaluation. An evaluation charge will apply. If you opt to let us repair or replace the equipment, some of this evaluation charge may be waived.

Should I repair or replace my damaged scale?

If the repair cost of the damaged equipment is more than 1/2 of a new scale price, we recommend replacing.

I have found a used truck scale that I want to purchase. Will you come check it out for me before I buy?

We will be glad to take a look at the used scale that you are considering to purchase. An evaluation fee will apply. Do keep in mind that if the truck scale is old, the lever system may be rusted out, the deck may be damaged, it may need a complete overhaul, replacement of all electronics, etc. It is also very difficult to get a used truck scale to pass the Handbook 44 requirements- it must weigh and perform like a new scale. In most cases, by the time you purchase the scale, move it, build the foundation, have us to install and overhaul it, you will have almost as much money invested than if you had purchased a new scale, and you would not have the manufacturer's warranty on the scale. Be wary of a deal that sounds too good to be true. Oftentimes these truck scales have been abandoned for years, rodents have nested and chewed on cabling, the lever system may have been sitting (and rusting) in a pit full of water and mud, so the scale may have deteriorated beyond the point of repair. If you decide to purchase a new truck scale from us instead, some of this evaluation charge may be waived.

Can you warranty my scale that I purchase elsewhere?

No, we can not warranty a scale that was not purchased from us, even if we are a distributor for that brand. You will need to contact the company from which you purchased it for warranty issues.

Can you service other brands of scales?

Yes, we can service most all brands and types of scales, regardless of where purchased. However, do keep in mind that many scales made internationally are of poor quality, and parts may not be available. Sometimes the cheapest priced scale ends up costing more in servicing than a quality name brand scale. If your scale is still under warranty, it is best to contact the company that you purchased it from to obtain service.

Do you offer routine service agreements?

We offer service agreements that are monthly, triannual, quarterly, biannual, or yearly. The flat rate price will be based on the type of scales that you have, how long it normally takes to test and calibrate the scales, travel time, and mileage. Service contracts are for routine testing, and the flat rate amount does not cover repairs. Customers with a contract receive a reduced rate and priority service for emergency breakdowns.

Can you test hoists, cranes, and overhead track scales?

Yes, we can test those devices.

Can you calibrate tools such as force gauges, torque wrenches, thermometers, etc.?

No, we can not calibrate those sort of instruments.

Do you rent scales?

Yes, we have a full line of counting scales and floor scales for rental by the day, week, or month.

I need to get my vehicle weighed- can I bring it to you?

Public scale locations: for western and southern Montgomery (nearest to Maxwell AFB)- the Montgomery Travel Center TA truck stop (1-65 exit 168). For the northern and eastern side of Montgomery- the Petro Stopping Center in Shorter (I-85 exit 22). Visit to search for additional public scales.

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